Wel­come to Zebra Gamer!

Here you will find a huge selec­tion of fun gam­ing videos for the whole fam­i­ly to enjoy. For the past decade, Zebra has been going on gam­ing adven­tures with you, the Zebra Herd! New videos are post­ed every week, so check back often.

Zebra's Faves

Wel­come to Super Mario Odyssey Part 1! In today’s episode, Mario and Bows­er are an intense bat­tle as Bows­er attempts to mar­ry Peach! After being defeat­ed, Mario is blast­ed to Cap King­dom where he meets his new friend Cap­py. Cap­py helps Mario defeat our first boss fight

Wel­come to Crash Bandi­coot 4: It’s About Time Part 1! We begin our new Crash Bandi­coot game adven­ture with Neo Cor­tex and N. Tropy open­ing a Dimen­sion­al Por­tal! It’s up to Crash, Coco, Aku Aku, and their friends to stop them once again. We com­plete N. Sanity

Wel­come to Ani­mal Cross­ing New Hori­zons Part 1! We begin our new Ani­mal Cross­ing Nin­ten­do Switch game with arriv­ing on our new island and meet­ing Tom Nook, Tim­my & Tom­my, and our vil­lager neighbors!

Wel­come to Luigi’s Man­sion 3 Part 1! We begin our Luigi’s Man­sion Nin­ten­do Switch adven­ture with Mario, Peach, and Lui­gi arriv­ing at The Last Resort. After Mario and Peach are kid­napped by King Boo, Lui­gi and Polter­pup save Pro­fes­sor E. Gadd!

Wel­come to Plants vs. Zom­bies Bat­tle for Neigh­borville Part 1! We begin our new Plants vs. Zom­bies adven­ture with Sto­ry Mode in Neigh­borville! We play as Peashoot­er as we com­plete tasks in the Town Center!

Wel­come to Poke­mon Shield Part 1! We begin our Poke­mon Nin­ten­do Switch adven­ture with meet­ing Hop and Leon, explor­ing the Galar Region, and get­ting our Sword and Sield starter Scorbunny!